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Pakistan's Pearl Continental Hotel Workers Still Fighting for Union Rights/Call for International Solidarity 06-May-2004

Defend Union Rights at Colombian Coca-Cola Franchise 29-Mar-2004

Demand Justice for Smithfield Workers 12-Mar-2004

Korea: KCTU Migrant Workers Union Under Attack 15-Jan-2004

Prison Labour Regime for Chinese Worker Rights Leaders 21-Oct-2003

Colombia: SINTRAINAGRO Leaders Still at Risk 07-Oct-2003

Colombia: Killers Target Food Workers Union Leader 25-Aug-2003

Union-Busting at Fiji's Turtle Island, 07-Jul-2003


May Day in Colombia: Another SINTRAINAGRO Leader Murdered 08-May-2003

Zimbabwe: Government Intensifies Violence Against Rural Workers and Their Union GAPWUZ 27-Mar-2003

65,000 Indian Tea Plantation Workers Unemployed and Destitute 10-Mar-2003

"Release the Worker Representatives!"/Chinese Worker Rights Activists Tried on "Subversion" Charges 16-Jan-2003

"Anti-subversion" Laws Threaten Hong Kong Unions 14-Jan-2003

Tell Pakistan's President Musharaf to Respect Trade Union Rights! Solidarity with Pearl Continental Hotel Workers 16-Oct-2002

[Members Only] International Day of Action in support of LSG Sky Chefs workers in the United States 11-Oct-2002

Pearl Continental Union Leaders Beaten by Karachi Police as Management Looks On 16-Jul-2002

Violence Against Ecuadorian Banana Workers Striking for their Rights 21-May-2002
Armed company thug waits to fire on workers (photo courtesy of SiD)


Seven Banana Workers/SINTRAINAGRO Members Murdered in Colombia 30-Apr-2002

Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel Union Leaders Free on Bail, Union-Busting Continues 05-Apr-2002

Nuwhrain Digs In As Struggle Continues Against Union-Busting At Manila Dusit Nikko 27-Mar-2002


Ecuador's Banana Workers Strike Against Race to the Bottom 22-Mar-2002

Assassinations of Juan Montiel and Emilio Villeras, two members of IUF Colombian affiliate SINTRAINAGRO 09-Mar-2002

Trade union rights violations at the Warsaw Marriott/Union leader assaulted 28-Feb-2002

Anti-Union Repression Intensifies at Pearl Continental Karachi Hotel - update! 18-Feb-2002
General Secretary Ghulam Mehboob in jail


Pakistani Union Fights for Rights of Sacked Casual Workers at Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel 21-Dec-2001
Union members demonstrating in support of sacked casual hotel employees.


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